A Sequence of the ‘Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipse
Source: will.leverett (flickr)


like how much more obvious does this need to be made for people to get it?

this isnt even an exaggeration 
like at all

The Southern Cone at night
More lights maps

chorus: Clouds on Mars, photographed by Mars Express, 20th December 2005.
Around 70°S 192°E on the southern Terra Sirenum; this composite is about 50 by 75km. Charlier Crater is partially seen at top. The clouds might be dust picked from the dark region below, but I’m not sure.
Composite of 8 images: 3 (red, green, and blue light) for colour, and 5 monochromatic (ish) in sequence for motion. The colours are probably more suggestive than naturalistic.
Image credit: ESA. Animation: AgeOfDestruction.

It can be seen with the naked eye in Centaurus, is 1300 times the diameter of Sol and one of the ten largest stars found. 50% larger than the famous red supergiant Betelgeuse and about one million times brighter than the Sun. HD 119796 a yellow hypergiant that can’t last. [1280x947]

Photograph by Martin Oeggerli
Snowball blossom
Lodged in the rumpled tissue of a Viburnum tinus stigma, pollen grains from other snowball blossoms (gray) swell with moisture. One (at center) is already growing the tube that delivers sperm to the ovule. Other species’ pollen (yellow and green) has landed amiss; genetic defenses exclude them from the fertilization race.